Thursday, January 10, 2013

Information - Mario 64

Did you know that the release of Mario 64 was popular but was it supposed to be popular? Sort of. Because it was originally planned to be a Super Nintendo game. The game was actually scraped because they wanted to put it on the new hardware, Nintendo 64, because it made more sense. The game was a huge success. The game was so popular that it had a sequel to go along with it, which was Mario 64 2. It was supposed to be on the Nintendo 64 DD, in other words, the Nintendo 64 disk drive. Since the poor sales of the disk drive, the game was never released outside of Japan. The game was quickly scraped. They did make a tech demo but never showed it to the everyone.

So, we got one information left. Yes, there was supposed to be a Luigi. So, it was multiplayer but that's the only thing that people knew about it and so did I. But Luigi later appeared in Super Mario 64 DS. We can prove that the ideas in Super Mario 64 DS was stolen from Super Mario 64 2 and also, Boos laugh is just Bowser's laugh sped up. In 1998, Mario 64 had an answer to it, which was originally claimed by Rare - the answer was actually Banjo Kazooie - BEARS! And also, while the critics were playing, you get to play multiplayer and also you get to see the credits while Peach was graduating Mario.

Here's an image - BEARS!

Here's an image of the Mario 64 cartridge:

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