Saturday, January 19, 2013

Information: Donkey Kong

We all know the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. It didn't start life as Donkey Kong, it started off as a Popeye game. We don't need a tech demo because it's the same thing as Donkey Kong so Nintendo asked the owners of Popeye if they could make a game out of it. Unfortunately, they said "no" so Nintendo didn't have the rights for it. So Nintendo decided to work on a game replacing the Popeye characters with the characters that we all now know. And when it came to America, everyone loved it except for Radio Pictures, the owners of King Kong.

Another fact about Donkey Kong, you may think that "jump man" - another word for Mario - was actually the good guy but he was a bad guy because he actually betrayed his pet ape, Donkey Kong. You can tell by the game of Donkey Kong Jr. when Mario actually trapped him. Oh, by the way, Donkey Kong now is actually DK Jr. They claim that Cranky Kong was the original Donkey Kong.

After Nintendo bought 49% of Rare, they chose DK to make a game out of. The game was a huge success. In the references of Banjo Tooie - BEARS - you will see a toy that's really DK. After the releases of Diddy Kong Racing, Rare and Nintendo decided to make a Game Cube game that was a sequel called Donkey Kong Racing. The game was supposed to be set in 2002 but, unfortunately, it didn't really turn out as well because in September 2002 Rare was bought by Microsoft before the game was completed.

In 2004, Nintendo and Rare decided to work on a game called Diddy Kong Pilot, another sequel, which was also scrapped into Banjo Pilot. And then we got Diddy Kong Racing DS and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. So all this says that just that Barrel Blast and Diddy Kong Racing DS actually started off as Donkey Kong Racing.

And one more fact, in Mario Kart 64 you were supposed to race as the witch that helps Bowser. But Nintendo moved the character to Donkey Kong.

Here is a picture from Diddy Kong Racing:

Here's the video of the tech demo for Donkey Kong Racing:

And here's a picture from Donkey Kong Racing:

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