Saturday, January 5, 2013

Information - Banjo Kazooie

Did you know that Banjo Kazooie actually started as a Super NES game under a development called Project Dream. One of the main characters was a boy named Edision who got in a lot of trouble from an evil pirate named Black Eye. Banjo was a side character along with Itty Bitty Dog and a Rabbit. Kazooie didn't have her own development she was just a baby bird in a nest at her own house.

Project Dream took longer to develop than expected so Rareware decided to switch from the Super NES to the N64. The game was changed - Edison, Itty Bitty Dog and a Rabbit and Black Eye were scraped. So the changed the title to Banjo Kazooie but they decided to add Captain Black Eye to the Mad Monster Mansion level, in the form of a portrait hanging on the wall.

Two years later, in Banjo Tooie, Captain Black Eye actually appeared as a character in the game. He tells about a bear who stole his glory.

At the very ending of Banjo Tooie when they are playing a using Gruntilla's head as a ball, she says "Just you wait until Banjo 3." But Banjo 3 was later scraped because of something bad that happened in September 2002 - Rareware got bought by Microsoft. But we did get a new game in the series called Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. So we all know that Nuts and Bolts started out as Banjo 3.

Here is an image of Edison:

Here is an image of Black Eye:

Here are images of one of the greatest games ever:

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