Saturday, March 16, 2013

Information Gaming - Star Fox

Did you know there were only 3 Star Fox games that were scrapped. The first one to ever be scrapped was Star Fox 2, which was a sequel to the original game.

The game was finished. The game was shelved because Miyamoto wanted a break from making Super NES 3D platform games and wanted to do it on the new platform, the N64.

The next game that was scrapped was Star Fox Virtual Boy, which was a game that appeared as red on a lot of screens. The Virtual Boy was a flop but not as bad a flop as the N64 disk drive. The game was cancelled because of the super poor sales. The one that you are watching now is the one that is the red screen one:

The last Star Fox game to be cancelled was Star Fox Arcade. It was made for the Game Cube and it was a sequel to the 3rd and 4th Star Fox games: Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault. Somehow it was assumed to be scrapped. Here is the only picture, which is Japanese. Yep, it's from Japan.  Known to man.

Here's something pretty cool. On the original Star Fox cover you will see Fox McCloud, oh yeah. But you should take a look at his legs, yes, they are robotic. He's not the only one who had robotic legs, the whole gang has robotic legs. Real versions of them wear boots. In one of the Super Smash Brothers games, you will see that he has robotic legs. In some of the newer Star Fox games, he seems to be wearing boots. That was first remade by Rare and not by Nintendo for Star Fox Adventures.

Did you know that Star Fox Adventures started off as a game called Dinosaur Planet on N64. Rare removed the game but they put the main character of Dinosaur Planet in the game Star Fox Adventures.

In the Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask if you collect all the masks, look on one of your rows you'll see something pretty cool. If you look at the first mask of the row, it will show a fox, the second row a falcon, a rabbit or a hare, a toad and a worthog. However, these equal all of the Star Fox game, which are Fox McCloud, Falcon, Pippy and Slippy. The worthog also joined Star Fox until he betrayed Star Fox's father.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sonic CD Hidden Messages and Secret

In Sonic CD, if you wait for 3 minutes without touching the controller or the iPad, that will cause Sonic to say "I'm outta here!" jumping off the screen and given the person a game over.

There's hidden messages in the game. One of them is Sonic saying in Japanese style type "You are cool." A Tails with a car saying "See you next game!" A bizarre look to Batman. Sonic and Metal Sonic and Dr. Robotnik rapping and the word is saying "World's fastest DJ." And, finally, a screen of full looking disturbing Sonic with creepy music with Japanese words. The end meanse "devil" or "demon."

Here's a video of "I'm Outta Here!"

Here is a picture of the hidden messages from Sonic CD:

Information Gaming - Conker

In Conker's Bad Fur Day's development was going to be a joke that was similar to a Nintendo character. The joke was that it was from another Nintendo game, a main character, but they made their own version of it with a corn bag with fake eyes and a paper lightening tale. Nintendo told the developers to remove the joke and the character was actually Pikachu from Pokemon.

Did you know that Conker's Bad Fur Day didn't start off with that name. In fact, the game wasn't like that in development. Some people called it Conker's Adventure or Conker 64. But the real title was actually Twelve Tales Conker 64. After it finished its development, it was turned into a violent vulgar game about a squirrel with a hangover. It was rated "M" for mature because of the violence of the game. Did you know that Conker's Bad Fur Day was meant to have sequel called Conker's Other Bad Day. We don't know what console it was going to be for, all we know is that once again, Conker got drunk and since spending money on parties, they lock up the king in jail. And Berri would make an appearance but as a half terminator and half herself and would go after Conker. The villain was related to Mighty Poo and Berri who helps Poo a little bit in the game died.

Here is a video of Twelve Tails Conker 64:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Information - Sonic the Hedgehog

In 1995, Nintendo launched the first console - the Nintendo Entertainment System. It sold as the best console in the world. Later on, Sega wanted to make a game like Mario because they weren't making enough money at the arcade. Sega launched their console - the Sega Master System - in the 1980s. But later on, the Sega Genesis, the one that is mostly known as the original, the game that came with it was Sonic the Hedgehog. About the game, Dr. Ivo Robotnik was meant to be a hero and not a villain. The first picture they show of the doctor was a fat man in pajamas. Sega loved the picture and didn't want to throw it away but changed the idea to the doctor that we all know today. Also, Sonic the Hedgehog was not originally meant to be a hedgehog, he was meant to be an armadillo who was purple and had a horn. But it wasn't later changed to the blue hedgehog named Sonic. That wasn't its only thing, there was a human love interest for Sonic. She was meant to be Sonic's girlfriend and chase Sonic around like Amy did in later games. She was scraped during development. If you know Knuckles, the echinda, you see his white thing on his chest. It was supposed to have a word on top saying "Nike" but Sega moved that thing and all that's left is the bottom of the signal. If you played one of the skateboarding games on the Sega Dreamcast,  this guy complains that he has a skull necklace that's a skull of another famous Sega character - it turns out it's the skull of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Here is a picture of Sonic and his human girlfriend, Madonna

Here's a picture of Mighty the Armadillo

Here is an image of the original Dr. Robotnik

Here's a video featuring Mighty the Armadillo

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Information: Donkey Kong

We all know the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. It didn't start life as Donkey Kong, it started off as a Popeye game. We don't need a tech demo because it's the same thing as Donkey Kong so Nintendo asked the owners of Popeye if they could make a game out of it. Unfortunately, they said "no" so Nintendo didn't have the rights for it. So Nintendo decided to work on a game replacing the Popeye characters with the characters that we all now know. And when it came to America, everyone loved it except for Radio Pictures, the owners of King Kong.

Another fact about Donkey Kong, you may think that "jump man" - another word for Mario - was actually the good guy but he was a bad guy because he actually betrayed his pet ape, Donkey Kong. You can tell by the game of Donkey Kong Jr. when Mario actually trapped him. Oh, by the way, Donkey Kong now is actually DK Jr. They claim that Cranky Kong was the original Donkey Kong.

After Nintendo bought 49% of Rare, they chose DK to make a game out of. The game was a huge success. In the references of Banjo Tooie - BEARS - you will see a toy that's really DK. After the releases of Diddy Kong Racing, Rare and Nintendo decided to make a Game Cube game that was a sequel called Donkey Kong Racing. The game was supposed to be set in 2002 but, unfortunately, it didn't really turn out as well because in September 2002 Rare was bought by Microsoft before the game was completed.

In 2004, Nintendo and Rare decided to work on a game called Diddy Kong Pilot, another sequel, which was also scrapped into Banjo Pilot. And then we got Diddy Kong Racing DS and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. So all this says that just that Barrel Blast and Diddy Kong Racing DS actually started off as Donkey Kong Racing.

And one more fact, in Mario Kart 64 you were supposed to race as the witch that helps Bowser. But Nintendo moved the character to Donkey Kong.

Here is a picture from Diddy Kong Racing:

Here's the video of the tech demo for Donkey Kong Racing:

And here's a picture from Donkey Kong Racing:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Information - Mario 64

Did you know that the release of Mario 64 was popular but was it supposed to be popular? Sort of. Because it was originally planned to be a Super Nintendo game. The game was actually scraped because they wanted to put it on the new hardware, Nintendo 64, because it made more sense. The game was a huge success. The game was so popular that it had a sequel to go along with it, which was Mario 64 2. It was supposed to be on the Nintendo 64 DD, in other words, the Nintendo 64 disk drive. Since the poor sales of the disk drive, the game was never released outside of Japan. The game was quickly scraped. They did make a tech demo but never showed it to the everyone.

So, we got one information left. Yes, there was supposed to be a Luigi. So, it was multiplayer but that's the only thing that people knew about it and so did I. But Luigi later appeared in Super Mario 64 DS. We can prove that the ideas in Super Mario 64 DS was stolen from Super Mario 64 2 and also, Boos laugh is just Bowser's laugh sped up. In 1998, Mario 64 had an answer to it, which was originally claimed by Rare - the answer was actually Banjo Kazooie - BEARS! And also, while the critics were playing, you get to play multiplayer and also you get to see the credits while Peach was graduating Mario.

Here's an image - BEARS!

Here's an image of the Mario 64 cartridge:

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Information - Banjo Kazooie

Did you know that Banjo Kazooie actually started as a Super NES game under a development called Project Dream. One of the main characters was a boy named Edision who got in a lot of trouble from an evil pirate named Black Eye. Banjo was a side character along with Itty Bitty Dog and a Rabbit. Kazooie didn't have her own development she was just a baby bird in a nest at her own house.

Project Dream took longer to develop than expected so Rareware decided to switch from the Super NES to the N64. The game was changed - Edison, Itty Bitty Dog and a Rabbit and Black Eye were scraped. So the changed the title to Banjo Kazooie but they decided to add Captain Black Eye to the Mad Monster Mansion level, in the form of a portrait hanging on the wall.

Two years later, in Banjo Tooie, Captain Black Eye actually appeared as a character in the game. He tells about a bear who stole his glory.

At the very ending of Banjo Tooie when they are playing a using Gruntilla's head as a ball, she says "Just you wait until Banjo 3." But Banjo 3 was later scraped because of something bad that happened in September 2002 - Rareware got bought by Microsoft. But we did get a new game in the series called Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. So we all know that Nuts and Bolts started out as Banjo 3.

Here is an image of Edison:

Here is an image of Black Eye:

Here are images of one of the greatest games ever:

Did You Know Conker's Bad Fur Day

Here's something that you may want to know about Conker's Bad Fur Day. Here is an image from a great site called

If you like this image, you should check out the site - Hey! It's Great! BEARS!